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rottt at the harsh noise conference berlin

dedicated to improve the noise made by the rottt, certain questions are in discussion to be proposed as investigations in sound, setting and performance, especially during evening events such as the harsh noise conference :

rottt at the harsh noise conference berlin

a | how can a rottten sound be defined with less then two lines of text? b | is rottten noise simply unbearable or just a loop hole into a further sonic state of mind? c | is there any special quality in rottten noise besides bleeping circuits and feedbacking voice controlled interfaces, running wild in hullaballoo brawling bobbery while generating clamor hubbub confusion?

some mo' birrrds 2 – the mov turned flv

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draft riots by i:p

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some mo' birrrds


the rottten birds will return


run4seconds ||| core media-music by the irrigaters ||| firstflush

‘ … their aim was not known and their tasks unconscious hidden. This is the story of The Irrigaters and their struggle to escape a never ending psychadelic timeloop tunnel. They are stuck inside since centuries of boredom, desperately driven by their search for the only existing and 40 years ago destroyed trap-unlock-key. Come with The Irrigaters. Get deeper, deeper and deeper, but never forget to hold back while crawling in search of a hopless way out. Pray, that you will find, just in time, a hidden information source, that will allow you to reproduce the unlockers from this devious underground sunken into oblivion … ‘ (pr-text)

parfumed rottten mirrors

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sean derrick cooper marquardt | BLISTERS

Free Download of New Release – Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – BLISTERS.
Sounds from the depths of the sound. Extreme search, extreme life.
The deep of the music. Download BLISTERS from | mp3 | ogg

in:sane parachutes | pazuzu nine

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