is run by its participants joining for a sound and vision act, respectively its return.

The Return has a very simple but basic outline: To provide access to irregularly joining people from different fields of practice and to give the audience the strange feeling that anything could happen, even its participation in the act.

The Think Thing is a framework of conceptual and environmental care for its appearance. By its autopoetic definition it is neither obliged to follow certain technical codes or to implement hip styles, nor is it to specify the variety of rhythms and images, nor to rely on quotes and footnotes, thus it can do so freely.

The Return of the Think Thing joins participants from a broad spectrum of various artistic and discourse fields – engages in music, literature, performance and electronic activities in a complex set of structures and layers for public address- has a very simple but basic conceptual main-outline for an open set that gives space to and access to irregularly joining artists – is concerned about returns of material used in earlier performances – is reworked on the occasional appearance and compiled on the fly – is residing in a complex database for instant upload on location – provides the participants very powerful instruments with large sound possibilities.

The Return is a discrete rehearsal with The Think Thing. It engages in music, literature, theatre, film and provides onstage sound, vision and mind activities. The Think Thing offers various complex sets for live public address. D/Vj-ing, streaming, powerful instruments with extended sound capabilties, analog and digital sources all combine to a unique variation of The Return of The Think Thing.