is run by a performing network of artists from different fields, joining for a returning sound and vision act. Live d/vj-ing, -streaming, real and virtual instruments, analog and digital sources all combine to a gig on demand, featuring a discrete rehearsal with previously developed material from the semi-virtual think thing database.

The Return of the Think Thing joins participants from a broad spectrum of various artistic and discourse fields – engages in music, literature, performance and electronic activities in a complex set of structures and layers for public address- has a very simple but basic conceptual main-outline for an open set that gives space to and access to irregularly joining artists – is concerned about returns of material used in earlier performances – is reworked on the occasional appearance and compiled on the fly – is residing in a complex database for instant upload on location – provides the participants very powerful instruments with large sound possibilities, e.g. turntables.

The Return of the Think Thing gives the audience the strange feeling that anything could happen – performances recycle material of previous activities, thus classifying the return as a virtual domain, that started as a free improvisation in the first place – invites the audience to take a certain part and participate in the electronic environment, thus to enrich and widen the data base through its local use during a gig – material : audio video text images samples noise art cut copy paste algorithms electronic-ware.

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